Vision (Pullover) - Black

$ 100.00

Fabric: 100% Cotton
Details: The design is centered around the CMYK color model, which stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (black), and is the basis and backbone of the creation of all colors. The inspiration behind the design is that each color on its own is just a color, but when all four are blended together, they make an endless amount of beautiful possibilities. Similarly, alone we’re just one person, but when we stand united, despite race, gender, sexual orientation, or economic status, we create a more beautiful world where opportunity and possibility knows no bounds. And that’s the kind of world we see for our kids. And their kids. A world where they’re not discriminated against, but empowered because of what makes them unique, weird, and most importantly, true to themselves

This design is in limited numbers and all proceeds on this design will go to assisting several children’s organizations in Orange County and Los Angeles.

Sizing Specs (inches)

Size Body Length Sleeve Length Chest Width
S 27.5" 23" 22"
M 28.5" 23.5" 23.5"
L 29.5" 24" 25"
XL 30.5" 24.5" 26.5"
XXL 31.5" 25" 28"
XXXL 32.5" 25.5" 29.5"

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