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What success means to me.

Jul 29, 18

For the first installment of Sessions with Ben, we decided to get his take on what it means to be successful. For many, it’s status, fortune and fame. Others, it’s the amount of possessions they accumulate throughout their lifetime. For a guy who’s been able to obtain fame, fortune and a myriad of expensive cars, you’d think this is how he’d measure his success. But for him, true success has been achieved through what he’s made, not what he’s acquired. “When I was a kid, success to me was really simple: a Rolex watch and a Mercedes Benz. Then, when I was in high school and college, it evolved into owning a big house and big cars, fancy dinners and expensive clothes. When I actually made my first million, back in 2004, I felt like I had made it. But, at that point in my life, I was unhappy with so many different things. “I don’t care how successful you are or how Forbes defines success, you have to be happy to be successful.”


At this time in my life, being two weeks away from my 43rd birthday, the real definition of success to me is to be married and able to raise a family with a roof over your heads. To raise those kids until they’re grown adults and see them flourish and grow up and eventually have kids of their own, then you’ve made it. What that means is that you’ve been able to provide a decent life for them by being able to make a certain amount of money, give them proper guidance, financial help, spiritual help, love and everything they’ve needed to grow up and have their own family. That’s success.”

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